How Often Should You Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

How do you keep a guinea pig cage from smelling?

For keeping Guinea Pigs cages smelling good you can use odor control bedding, Bedding formulated to block odors, such as CareFRESH Blue Colors Pet Bedding advanced odor control small animal bedding, can keep the cage smelling fresh longer.

Place 1-3 inches of bedding in the bottom of your guinea pigs cage..

How often should you change the bedding in a guinea pig cage?

Under the best of bedding circumstances, you’ll need to refresh midweek and full clean once a week. Sometimes, you need to refresh or clean every other day. Sometimes every 3 days. Some people clean every single day.

How often should you clean out guinea pigs?

A good rule of thumb is that you should give your guinea pigs’ hutch a clean out on a twice-weekly basis. This involves taking all of their bedding out of their sleeping area, emptying and cleaning their food bowl, cleaning their feeding area, replacing all the bedding and replenishing the food.

How do you know if your guinea pig is sad?

Depressed guinea pigs are lethargic and unmotivated. You may notice them sleeping a lot & hiding for long hours. Reluctance to eat and play are other common signs. They are also less likely to socialize and exercise.

Can a guinea pig die from loneliness?

The surprising truth is – yes, guinea pigs can die of loneliness. They need a companion in their life because they are social animals. … If you don’t have time to play with them and to show them affection you need to get a second guinea pig otherwise they could get sick and die of loneliness.

How many times do guinea pigs poop in a day?

Though it can be much more than that in some cases. So if you’re adopting guinea pigs for the first time, then you can expect to see up to 100 droppings a day. Some guinea pig owners say they clean out poop more than 3 or 4 times a day.

Can guinea pigs die from a dirty cage?

Guinea pigs won’t die directly from a dirty cage but they can die from the unclean conditions that it creates. If left dirty for too long, those unclean cage conditions can create mental and physical health problems for guinea pigs that can lead to them dying.

How do you disinfect a guinea pig cage?

If you have trouble finding a cage cleaner, distilled white vinegar and water can be mixed into a clean spray bottle (1:1 ratio) and used in your guinea pig’s habitat. Use a spare washcloth to wipe down the habitat, then rinse the habitat with plain water to remove any remaining residue or smell.

Can you vacuum guinea pig poop?

Yes, you can use a vacuum to clean up guinea pig poop. Using a vacuum to clean up guinea pig poop from their cage is quicker and more convenient than trying to do it with your hands.

What food will kill a guinea pig?

The following are particularly poisonous for guinea pigs:Biscuits and crackers.Bread.Chocolate of any kind.Dairy products.Peanut butter.Potato chips.Pickled foods of any kind.Sugary foods.

Do guinea pigs get happy when you clean their cage?

In the end it doesn’t take much to make a guinea pig feel comfortable and happy. As long as you prepare everything they need to live a fruitful life, they will truly appreciate it. Remember to always clean their cage, feed them fresh veggies, and show them the appreciation they deserve!

What does it mean when a guinea pig stares at you?

So, why does your Guinea Pig stare at you? Guinea Pigs stare at people when they are dozing, are bored, lonely, feel under threat, or are not comfortable in their new surroundings.

Can I use Clorox wipes to clean guinea pig cage?

It works really well for cleaning guinea pig cages. … Being an acid, vinegar helps clean up and neutralize the urine and other stains pretty well. You won’t really have to worry about your guinea pigs coming into contact with it like you would with Clorox wipes because the mixture is safe for them to be around.

Can I put a blanket in my guinea pig cage?

Blankets can make an excellent addition to your guinea pig enclosure. … Your guinea pig can trap themselves in the blanket. They may also suffocate in case they burrow too profoundly. Make sure you don’t provide your guinea pig blanket, which is too big for them.

Do I have to clean my guinea pigs bottom?

Make sure to clean your guinea pig bottom regularly until they gain their flexibility back. Medicine will also help your guinea pig to overcome the pain and to increase their mobility.

Why is my guinea pig dragging his bum?

Territorial Marking Male guinea pigs will mark their territory. The scent glands are located close to the anus and they scoot on their butt to help spread the scent around the cage.

Can you use baby wipes on guinea pigs?

Most baby wipes are not safe to be used on small pets like guinea pigs because they’re not specifically made for them. … So for example, humans don’t lick their skin so it doesn’t get in our mouths, but guinea pigs do lick themselves and any residue left behind by the baby wipes might get ingested by them.

How do you know when your guinea pig loves you?

Another sign that your guinea pigs love you is when they start wheeking once you arrive home or call them. Wheeking is a high pitch sound that a guinea pig makes whenever they feel excited or are anticipating something.

Should I cover my guinea pig’s cage at night?

Covering the whole cage at night can create problems and affect your guinea pigs breathing. That means that you should only cover part of their cage at night. This ensures that the cage remains properly ventilated while still letting in some light.

Do guinea pigs die easily?

So, do guinea pigs die easily? No guinea pigs don’t die easily. When compared to many other small pet animals, guinea pigs have a longer average lifespan, which is between 4-8 years. Also, most unannounced and sudden guinea pig death reasons are easily avoidable with the correct care of your pet.

Is it safe to wash a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are known to be an extremely clean creatures who groom themselves very often. Therefore, you rarely need to give them a bath. Please do not bathe your guinea pig unless it is necessary. Unnecessary baths will result in dry fur coats and skin.