Question: What Does Aye Mean?

How do you use aye?

Sailors would say “Aye, aye, sir” to mean “I understand your order and I will do it.” Sometimes in parliamentary voting, people will verbally vote on a bill by saying aye (yes) or nay (no).

If there are more ayes than nays, the speaker/chairman will say, “The ayes have it.” (more yeses than nos)..

What does Aye mean in a text?

AYE means “Yes”.

Who says Aye for yes?

The word sounds the same as ‘eye’ or ‘I’. Meaning “yes”, it is archaic, but still used in some situations. In formal parliamentary voting, the ayes and nays are counted. Sailors still say “aye aye” to indicate compliance.

Where is Aye used?

Aye and variants Use of aye is an archaism in most of the English-speaking world but remains in use in Scottish, Northern Irish and Northern English usage.

Is Aye a real word?

: yes entry 1 sense 1 Aye, aye, sir. : a yes vote or voter The ayes outnumber the nays.

What is Aye in Irish?

Yes, this is also spelt ay. It is not only Irish; it is very common in contemporary Scottish English, and some Northern English dialects. (Confusingly, ay or aye can also mean ‘ever’, but pronounced [eI], to rhyme with day.) Click to see full answer.

Is it Ayy or aye?

As nouns the difference between aye and ayy is that aye is broadness of fabric while ayy is bear.

What does the aye aye eat?

Most of their time is spent in the trees eating fruit, leaves, buds, insects, and small birds and birds’ eggs, but diet varies among different species. Some, for example, are mainly insectivorous, whereas others feed almost exclusively on foliage.

What language is aye?

: 1yes 1 — used especially in Scotland and in the language of sailors. The sailor said “Aye, aye, sir!” when the captain gave him a command.

Does Aye mean hello?

yes3 Answers. Aye simply means yes, so it can be used anywhere an affirmative reaction is due. You can say it if you agree with what your friend said.

Why do sailors say aye aye?

ANSWER: Aye Aye a reply to a command or order the Navy, meaning “I understand and will obey.” The phrase “aye aye” is commonly heard today in the Navy. … A Navy response indicating that an order has been received, is understood, and will be carried out immediately.

How do you say yes in Africa?

With some help from my African friends, we have a list of 23 to work with….Learnt how to say “Yes” (& no) in 23 African languagesAkan: Aane & Daabi. … Ga: ɛɛɛ & Daabi. … Ewe: Yoo & Aawo / Megbe. … Dagbani: Ayi & Ayi. … Hausa: Tɔ & Aah-ah. … Swahili: Ndio & Hapana.More items…•Oct 24, 2013

What is a female sailor called?

other words for sailorman/woman bluejacket. boater. mariner. mate. middy.

How do Marines say yes?

Out in the Marine Corps (and its sister service, the Navy) , the distinction is simple: “Yes, sir” is a response to a Yes/No question, whereas “Aye aye, sir” is a response to an order and means “I understand and will comply.”

What does Aye mean in English?

affirmative voteaye in American English 1. yes; yea. 2. an affirmative vote or a person voting affirmatively.

What is YES in Old English?

The English word ‘yes’ is thought to come from the Old English word ‘gēse’, meaning ‘may it be so’, and can be traced back to earlier than the 12th century.

Is Aye Irish or Scottish?

‘Aye’ is Scottish. ‘Aye’ is said alot in Northern Ireland due to the Scottish that live there. Alot of Irish nationalists also say it but only because they have picked it up rather than it being apart of there Irish culture.

How do you reply to Aye Aye Captain?

aye aye , aye aye Captain, or aye aye Sir – This is a response that a soldier or sailor may give to indicate that an order has been received, is understood, and will be carried out immediately. Saying “aye aye” is similar to saying “yes.” For example: “Sailor go get the maps.” “Aye aye Captain.”