Question: What Is Mook Slang For?

What is a jabroni slang?

jabroni[ juh-broh-nee ] noun.


a stupid, foolish, or contemptible person; loser: She always has a comeback to own the trolls and jabronis on Twitter..

What does NEWK mean in slang?

In My Humble OpinionIn My Humble Opinion. Texting, Social Media, Slang.

What is a mamaluke in Italian?

A mamaluke is an Italian word, actually an Italian slang word, for someone who does something dumb, stupid, silly or foolish. (Or is dumb, stupid, silly, or foolish.) Also, it can describe someone who doesn’t fit in for reasons I’ll get into in a minute.

How many locations does NEWK eatery have?

100Newk’s Eatery/Number of locations

Where did the word Mook come from?

The origin of “mook” is uncertain, but it’s probably a form of “moke,” which appeared in Britain in the early 19th century as regional slang for “donkey.” No one knows the roots of “moke” either, but it has also been used to mean “a fool or contemptible person.” It was also, for a time, derogatory slang in the US for …

Is Mook a swear word?

The OED has examples of “mook” dating from 1930 and defines it this way: “An incompetent or stupid person; a contemptible person (esp. with reference to low social status).” Oxford labels it a “colloquial and derogatory” term found in American and Caribbean English.

What is a Moolinyan?

noun. slang, offensive US. Among Italian-Americans: a black person.

What Nuke means?

to attack or destroy1 : to attack or destroy with or as if with nuclear bombs. 2 : microwave. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about nuke.

What is a female jabroni?

a general insult; “sissy”; “idiot”; “nobody”; “loser”. Hey jabroni! You shut your mouth.

What does Fugazi mean slang?

Fugazi is a slang word which refers to something that is fake or damaged beyond repair. It may refer to: Fugazi, a post-hardcore punk band from Washington, D.C.

Who is this jabroni?

‘Jabroni,’ the word made famous by The Rock and The Iron Sheik, gets official dictionary status. Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock — actor, producer, businessman, retired pro wrestler, co-owner of the XFL, and now, linguist.