Quick Answer: Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Peppers Daily?

What vegetables can guinea pigs eat daily?

Leafy greens like romaine lettuce, kale, cilantro or parsley should comprise the bulk of your pig’s fresh produce.

Vegetables like red or green pepper, broccoli and tomatoes have high levels of vitamin C in them and are great daily options.

Add carrots, zucchini and sweet potato once or twice a week..

Can too many carrots kill a guinea pig?

Are you just about to feed your guinea pig carrots, but then thought can guinea pigs eat carrots? Yes, guinea pigs can safely eat carrots, with many benefits such as fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B. But feed it in moderation as it can cause obesity in large amounts, due to its high sugar content.

Can guinea pigs eat cheese?

Dairy, including yogurt, cheese, kefir, sour cream, cream cheese, and cottage cheese. Again, the guinea pig GI tract is not meant for anything but plants. They simply don’t have the enzymes and other things they’d need to digest dairy products.

What is poisonous to guinea pigs?

The following are particularly poisonous for guinea pigs:Biscuits and crackers.Bread.Chocolate of any kind.Dairy products.Peanut butter.Potato chips.Pickled foods of any kind.Sugary foods.

Can guinea pigs have broccoli?

Fresh greens like broccoli, cabbage or spinach are great things to feed and carrots make a satisfying occasional treat. However, not all fruit and veg is safe for your guinea pigs. Don’t feed potatoes, tomato leaves or rhubarb to your pigs.

Can guinea pigs have strawberries?

Well, you can feed your guinea pig strawberries…. but only in moderation. … Moderation = 1 strawberry is enough berries for one guinea pig. Because strawberries contain sugar, you must not feed it in excess to guinea pig or obesity and other health issues can arise.

How often should I give my guinea pig bell peppers?

How Much Bell Pepper Should I Give My Guinea Pig? One or two slices of bell pepper is the perfect serving size for your cavy. Some owners give their pets a daily serve of sweet pepper, but others opt to feed it 3-4 times a week if giving varieties that are higher in sugar.

Can guinea pigs drink anything other than water?

As for the water, guinea pigs can drink both tap or bottled water. … Guinea pigs shouldn’t drink milk, tea, or any other store-bought juice. The only option is homemade juice from fresh fruits that is heavily diluted with water, and you can give them that type of drink only if your guinea pigs need some vitamin C.

Can guinea pigs eat kiwi?

Guinea pigs can eat kiwi but as with any other fruit it should be fed very seldom in extremely small amounts as a treat due to the sugar content. Kiwi fruits contain a high level of vitamin C which is essential for guinea pigs as their bodies can’t produce this by themselves. …

Can a guinea pig eat oranges?

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C for your guinea pigs, but like most fruits they also contain natural sugar. These fruits are at the low end of the middle range when it comes to sugar content. You must understand that too much sugar is not good for your guinea pig.

Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are docile animals, and rarely bite without cause. They tend to ‘mouth’ their owners while being held, just to see if you’re edible! … Guinea pigs only use their teeth aggressively if they feel under threat – they are their only means of defence.

Can guinea pigs eat celery everyday?

Can Guinea Pigs Safely Eat Celery – Key Takeaways. It’s fine to feed your guinea pig some celery from time to time. However, due to the presence of oxalates, you might want to add it sparingly to their diet. Avoid feeding your piggy celery every day, or it could develop urinary tract issues.

Can guinea pigs have bananas?

Bananas are rich in fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B-6, and vitamin C so it is very beneficial to your guinea pigs health. Vitamin B-6 maintains your guinea pig’s fur by keeping it smooth and soft. … Bananas do have a high sugar content (over 10%), so make sure to provide only small portions occasionally.

Can guinea pigs eat pineapple?

That’s right, feeding a small amount of pineapple as a treat to your guinea pig on occasion is totally fine and they will likely LOVE you for it! Moderation = A couple little cubes of pineapple is enough pineapple for one guinea pig.

How much green pepper can guinea pigs eat?

For one guinea pig, a recommended serving size is 1 or 2 slices of green bell pepper or half a cup. Also, it’s very important to wash the green peppers thoroughly with water before giving them to your guinea pigs.

Are green bell peppers good for guinea pigs?

All vegetable and fruit portions listed are for one guinea pig. Red or Green Bell Peppers: One slice of a whole pepper, given daily, remove seeds. My favourite fresh food for guinea pigs and is loved by most guinea pigs. Very high in vit c, especially the red, but all colours have high vit c content.

Can guinea pigs have cucumbers?

Cucumber: Guinea Pigs can eat both the flesh, seeds (not too much) and the skin. Green beans:These contain vitamin C, and can be fed in a raw state. … However they do also contain vitamin C. You can feed peas to your Guinea Pig in moderation.

Can guinea pigs drink orange juice?

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Orange Juice? their vitamins even without OJ or vitamin supplements. … Orange juice is fine for piggies as long as it is UNsweetened. If there’s sugar in the juice, it’s not recommended.

Can guinea pigs have lemons?

Guinea Pig Eating Lemon Lemons are not recommended for your guinea pig. Despite its benefits, its acid content is still very high. This is because: Lemons are quite high in acid.

Can guinea pigs have mini peppers?

Sweet mini peppers are fantastic for guinea pigs. … They tend to come in red, yellow, and orange colors, but green sweet mini peppers are the best choice to be fed with them because of their lower sugar content. These can be safely consumed by your pets as long as they’re given in moderation.