Quick Answer: What Can I Do With Used Hay Bedding?

What can I do with used animal bedding?

Uncontaminated animal bedding can be disposed of as general waste.

Uncontaminated bedding could potentially be composted or used as landscape mulch.

Composting uncontaminated animal bedding is a goal of the Division of Environmental Protection..

Can you use hay bales for gardening?

Hay bale gardens are perfect for gardeners with no space or poor soil for cultivation. Hay forms an ideal alternative to soil. Since the straw bale makes a natural pot for your plants, you can plant anywhere you have room for your bale.

Can I put sawdust in my green bin?

leaves and weeds. plants and flowers. straw, hay and sawdust. tree bark and small branches (less than 50mm or two inches in diameter)

Is Hay good for bedding?

They look similar, but while straw makes excellent bedding for outdoor cat shelters, hay becomes a soggy mess. Hay is typically used to feed animals, like horses. It soaks up moisture, making it cold and uncomfortable for cats—and has the potential to get moldy.

Can I use old hay for bedding?

If your normal bedding material is not available or you just mess up and forget to keep enough of the normal stuff on hand, old hay can substitute.

Is Hay good for your yard?

Hay will not give you a dry layer of cover that is pleasing to look at, but it is a great mulch for growing flowers and vegetables, and you’ll get a fantastic yield. To start a garden, with seeds or starters, first create a thick layer of hay, up to eight inches (20 cm.), right over your garden soil.

Can I use hay for bedding?

Straw is normally used for a bedding material, while hay is used as a feed supplement. It is not moist like hay and is unlikely to mold. … Straw is also more practical to use as bedding than hay is, because of its lower cost.

Can you compost old hay?

Composting Hay: Learn How To Compost Hay Bales Also, composting with hay bales allows you to construct a completely green compost bin that eventually turns into compost itself. You can find hay for compost on farms that offer spoiled hay at the end of the year, or in garden centers offering autumn decorations.

What can I do with old hay bedding?

This post is for all the old, moldy, destroyed hay that is past it’s prime.Bedding & Nesting material for nesting boxes, coops, hutches, and run-ins.Filler for the pool the pigs built. … Seeding. … Mulch for yard, around trees, or in pumpkin patches.More items…•May 19, 2016

What do you do with used hay?

There are a host of ways to use spoiled hay in your garden to improve your soil or protect your plants.Mulch. Spread spoiled hay under your flowers and vegetables as an organic mulch. … Soil Amendments. … Compost. … Make A Garden Bed.

Does Hay kill grass?

Even though hay is dried before it’s sold, the dormant seeds can germinate given the right conditions — often the same conditions your grass seed needs. Using hay as a mulching material for your seeded lawn might lead to weeds and unwanted grasses sprouting from the seeds in the hay.

What do I do if my hay bales get wet?

“Driving over the field repeatedly — trying to turn hay to hasten its drying — will injure regrowth and can cause soil compaction, especially if the ground is wet and soft.” Anderson recommends moving the hay any way possible — bale it; chop it, or even blow it back on the ground as mulch.

Does hay rot down?

yes, it doesn’t rot very well as it’s so dry. Hay rots well so make sure you use straw. … A whole mass of freshly cut straw would take an age to rot down on its own, but use it for a winter then mix it up with your grass cuttings, veg peelings etc and it’ll compost just fine.

How do you dispose of animal waste?

Pet waste should be disposed of in the regular trash or flushed down a toilet. To properly dispose of pet waste, carry bags or a pooper-scooper while walking with pets. Bathe pets indoors and use less toxic shampoos.

How long does a hay bale last?

Storing Hay You can store hay indefinitely if the stack is managed correctly; although, in humid climates, using hay within three years of harvest is ideal. Hay growers need to bale it at correct moisture levels because if it’s baled too damp the hay will generate heat, which leads to molding.

Can you use hay in a vegetable garden?

Aside from well-aged compost, hay is arguably the best mulch for a vegetable garden. Like straw, it’s a good insulator, effective against weeds, and breaks down quickly to enrich the soil.

How do I get rid of old hay?

Pull the wires or twine away form the bale, roll them up and throw them into a trash receptacle. Break the bale up into manageable pieces or flakes. Pick up the flakes and load them into the bed of a pickup truck. Haul the hay to a plant recycling center or nursery and donate it for reuse.

How long does it take hay to decompose?

Some growers will leave the hay out for one full year to be fully saturated and partially decomposed.

Can you burn hay bales?

High-moisture haystacks and bales can catch on fire because they have chemical reactions that build heat. Hay insulates, so the larger the haystack, the less cooling that occurs to offset the heat. … Hay fires usually occur within six weeks of baling.

How do you dispose of horse bedding?

First you must decide whether to haul waste off-site, or manage it on the farm. If you choose the first option, look into commercial compost facilities that accept livestock manure for a fee. Another option is to find a nearby plant nursery, organic farm, or landscaping company that may take it for free.

Is straw or hay better for dog houses?

Long-stem grass hay is the best natural type of doghouse bedding that is available in most regions. … Conversely, grass hay will retain its structure much longer than straw, creating much less dust. The best grass hay suitable for dog bedding comes from warm season grasses such as Big Bluestem and Indian grass.